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Collogens and proteins ensure the healthy look and smoothness of skin. With the deformation of either affects the skin structure negatively resulting in various skin problems.

Naturally found in the skin tissue, Pearl contains bioactive molecules in its mineral based organic structure. In addition to what is vitally important to Human skin as proteins GUTTO Pearl Cream as well contains over 20 amino acids and over a dozen minerals. With all this quality it's scientifically proven that GUTTO Pearl Cream speeds up metabolism of skin and as a result restores the youthful look of skin with its cell restoring, wrinkle prevention and reviving effects.
With the most sophisticated bioengineering methods preserves natural active substances in its contents. It gets deep into skin for most effective results.

Pearl Cream is known as the secret behind the even and youthful complexion of Far East Asian women. The usage of Pearl Cream dates back to 3000 years ago with dynastic women. It's commonly known that Empress Dowager Cix at the age of 74 owed her flawless beauty to Pearl Cream.
With its rich minerals and amino acids contents GUTTO Pearl Cream is produced from the pearls of Indian oceans` oysters.

It helps healing the irritation and redness caused by shaving. It can be used as an after shave cream for men.
  • Helps speed  up the healing process of skin.
  • Helps prevent wrinkles.
  • Helps providing  glow to skin.
  • Helps providing  smooth and even skin.
  • Helps restoring skin cells.
  • Helps regaining elasticity to skin.
  • Helps preserving the natural colour of skin.
  • Helps fighting acne.
  • Helps getting rid of dead skin cells.
  • Helps reducing redness.
  • Helps reducing freckles and blemishes.
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