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BLUE ANEMONE CREAM is produced from Anemone flower. Anemone flower grows in the North hemisphere. It has over 100 types. Anemone is also known in western part of Turkey as "Manisa Tulip" growing only in spring times.

GUTTO Blue Anemone is a cream of  very strong and intense antioxidant, Kinetin with botox effect. GUTTO Blue Anemone regenerates the skin slowing down the signs of ageing after 12 weeks of regular usage while eliminating many already existing signs of ageing. With regular usage old skin cells will have the functional tendency of new and fresh ones. GUTTO Blue Anemone Cream provides the moist needed by healthy skin with immediate effect right after usage. It locks up the moist between epidermis layers of skin ensuring the feeling  of moist for a long time. GUTTO products don't contain chemical coloring and artificial fragrance. The original fragrance of our products is obtained using natural aromatic plants and fruit essentials. GUTTO products are microbiologically tested and approved after each and every production process. Allergy risk is totally eliminated by strict tests. GUTTO Blue Anemone Cream contains active substances as a skin care product with its supreme formula.

Note: This anti-ageing  product helps removing the bad signs of Sun, helps restoring wrinkles and complexion damages that come along with ageing,helps ensuring a healthy and youthful look.

Cleanse your skin first and open up the skin pores with tonic. Apply and smear small amount of Cream from down to upwards moves; it is not advised to expose your skin to Sunshine after the usage of GUTTO Blue Anemone Cream. It's recommended as night cream for better results. In order to have some good results at least 28 days of regular usage is recommended.

GUTTO Blue Anemone Creams is not formulated as beneath eye area cream. If used it will penetrate through the thin layer beneath eye and will mix into eye tear. This may cause some itchiness and blur vision in the eye.
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